Planning Application & Scheme Design

Visualising the best use of your space, particularly when it involves alterations to the structure, is not always easy. Complying with all regulations can be even harder. However, sometimes the slightest change to your floorplan can make a huge difference – especially when the outcome would allow natural light to flow more freely.

Our design strategy and expert use of 3D modelling will help you to envision the possibilities; our experience with planning applications can make them a reality. Whether you are considering an extension, a loft conversion, a basement, knocking down a wall and adding bi-folding doors – or designing a whole new building – Prime Places can help you with your decision, and throughout the entire process. We work with a team of dedicated and passionate RIBA chartered architects, we are committed to transforming even the most restricted and sensitive sites – to light-filled, spacious homes that are a pleasure to experience.

Interior Design

A diverse approach to design

Every individual has different needs and thus needs an individual approach to designing their home. We want to support you and bring your ideas to life. We are not driven by any particular style, but by what complements your identity. Whether re-creating your home or constructing a brand-new building, our team will help tailor your design to your personal aspirations, style and budget.

During the whole process, we will provide complete transparency – keeping you informed of all specifications and costings – and deliver a seamless and enjoyable design experience. ‍ With 20 years of experience, meticulous attention to detail, passion and knowledge, we can deliver your bespoke turnkey solution in the designated time frame – and transform your ideas into beautifully unique interiors.

Design & Build

Create + Construct

Design & Build is our unique high-end design and build service provided by Prime Places. It is our turn-key service from concept to completion. In contrast to a standard Design and Build company, Prime Places is the first and only company in London to bring together in-house architects and interior designers, in parallel with in-house construction and project management, all under one roof.

As a design studio, we employ in-house construction teams to facilitate and execute our design vision in a tightly controlled and streamlined way. Having in-house construction ensures our high design standards are executed on site. Projects are design-led, as opposed to build-led. Our core design philosophy behind all commercial projects, is to achieve the right balance between productivity enhancement and efficient use of space, with creative solutions that encourage social interaction and stimulation.

Project Management

Programme & Quality Control

Our Project Management and Design team work hand-in-hand to ensure each project is on budget before commencing work on site. At this point, project costings are closely monitored, along with programme and quality control management. In addition, the Project Manager is responsible for all contract administration.

The studio’s Project Management team monitors every element of the project from cost control, programme management, quality control and logistics. They supervise the project to ensure it is on time and to budget


Sourcing dilapidated properties

Finding a property the right size, location and price is often a difficult task – not to mention one that has the layout and design to instantly suit your requirements and individual style. Our exclusive property acquisitions service sources predominantly “fixer-uppers” in your chosen area.

We provide access to on and off market properties, assist with every stage of the acquisition process, then offer our award-winning design service at a reduced rate. Along with a lower purchase price and stamp duty, you can take advantage of expert advice from a developer, an in-house design team; and enjoy the added value of a new, perfectly bespoke home or investment property.


Residential Developments & Joint Ventures

Securing your project at the right price, with realistic expectations of the development timeline, costs and sale price, is often a challenging task. ‍A partner with experience of the market, a portfolio of developments at record prices, and a history of healthy ROIs – as well as an in-house team of architects and designers on-hand, as and when required – could help streamline the process. ‍

Having developed over 30 of our own projects, we are well positioned to find the best value in sourcing, designing and developing new projects. Landmass is offering investors a joint venture participation to profit from the success of future developments, with a predominant focus on multi-unit assets in prime central London.